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M.C Escher's Homoiconic Recursive Art

27 octobre 2015

M.C Escher on Artsy

While I was wandering in the internets, I came across a Clojury language that compiled to Javascript (and that was not ClojureScript). It was called wisp, and featured that magical drawing of hands mutually drawing themselves. I found that this pretty well captured the essence of homoiconicity, and investigated a little to find that this was M.C Escher's work.

As it turns out, Escher's graphical creations look sort of familiar with Lisp in general and with Clojure in particular. Indeed, the very geometric, recursive and some-what mathematically elaborate pieces of his naturally ring a bell for any aficionado of macros and the seq abstraction. That must be the reason why a whole chapter in SICP Distilled was dedicated to explore some of his graphics.

If you want to see what Lisp would have been if it was graphical art, head over to Artsy and get you some M.C Escher for great good!

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